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Our Story

Brandon MacDonald earned an accounting degree from the University of Alabama in 2000, and worked in public and private accounting followed by a foray into restaurant ownership. He joined American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL) in 2011. Since that time, his accomplishments include ranking in the top 12 Master General Agents (MGAs) within his first six months, and promoting three individuals to the prestigious MGA position in 2016.

Brandon sought to purchase an existing business when he was contacted by AIL. “I wanted to find the right opportunity that would allow me to work with career minded professionals and satisfy my desire to build a business. I always enjoyed team building and helping others be successful,” he says. After seeing the growth potential and career path provided by AIL, it seemed to be a perfect fit. He saw the chance to grow a business without having to invest a large amount of money and achieve a greater return without the risk. “This is an opportunity to compete and achieve at a level that I'd always aspired to. AIL allows me to set goals and achieve success at levels that sometimes surprise even me.”

It’s obvious that Brandon sincerely believes in AIL’s mission to provide great benefits for working families. “At AIL we are able to provide affordable benefits they might not otherwise have access to. Our representatives embrace the idea that every family they visit should be in a better place after meeting with us. Our products allow families to reduce the negative impact when unexpected or potentially catastrophic events occur in their lives,” he adds.

Brandon’s Agency office is also focused on being a positive contributor to the communities in which they live and work through such activities as adopting families in need, volunteering at local soup kitchens and ongoing donations to food banks. He says that by doing their part in a philanthropic role, offering quality affordable benefits to working people, and making professional opportunities available to those who aspire to achieve at a high level, his Agency does all they can to create a positive footprint.

Brandon is also passionate about careers with American Income Life for those with a desire to help others. “Our representatives earn a great income, work in a positive environment and feel a sense of honor knowing that there is a purpose to their profession,” he says. Work ethic and a positive attitude are the two qualities one must possess to be successful at any level with AIL. Brandon says, “If you have ever aspired to earn a six-figure income, feel that you are not maximizing your potential in your current role, or dreamed of owning your own business, then you should consider an opportunity with our Company.


Brandon MacDonald

Proprietor/ State General Agent